Umweltpsychologie in psychologischen Top-Zeitschriften

Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Independent decisions are fictional… (2014)

Current Directions of Psychological Science
Averting the Tragedy of the Commons (2009)

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Going Green to be Seen (2010)

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Environmental Consequences of the Desire to Dominate and Be Superior (2013)
Can Nature Make Us More Caring? (2009)
Normative Social Influence is Underdetected (2008)

Personality and Social Psychology Review
Reviving Campbell’s Paradigm for Attitude… (2010)
Aligning Identities, Emotions, and Beliefs to… (2009)

Psychological Review
Changing Behavior by Memory Aids (2009)

Psychological Science
Moral Roots of Environmental Attitudes (2013)
Do Green Products Make Us Better People? (2010)
The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature (2008)

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